Medicare Theme Documentation

April 15, 2014
by Stephen
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Medicare Theme Documentation

April 15, 2014
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Medicare Theme Online Documentation

Read First

Please take the time to read through the instructions and take notice of the instructions listed here, as many support related questions can be answered simply by re-reading these instructions.

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If you are new with wordpress, please read the wordpress documentation first:

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Before you install this theme, please install Klasik Framework first.

Table of Content

  1. Theme Overview
  2. Static Frontpage Setting
  3. Homepage Slider Setting
  4. Services Page Setting
  5. Blog Page Setting
  6. Sidebar Manager
  7. CSS Customization
  8. Custom Widget
  9. Plugins
  10. Theme Options
  11. Theme Installation
  12. Import XML Demo Data

Theme Overview

Overview theme setting similar with the demo.



Doctor Page


Services Page


Default Page and Sidebar Position


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