Klasik Framework

Klasik Framework is a base/starter theme for quicker WordPress theme development. It is a simple, easy and solid base
framework to build on top of when creating a new WordPress theme. Anything that was common to all themes was put in the core
of Klasik Framework, and anything specific to the theme design itself should be part of the theme itself.

Responsive and Flexible

Responsive web design is clever styling technique that allows a single front-end to deliver to desktops, tablets, smartphones and all other internet devices.

Standard-compliant HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 and CSS3 bring loads of new features and functionality to the modern web. Be up-to-date with latest web standards.

Well Structured and Search Engine Optimized

Our themes have been fully search optimized. Klasik Framework will help your blog rank higher in the search engines, and by following our tutorials and recommendations you can achieve even better search engine placement results.

Wide variety of child themes available

The way your site looks can be instantly updated by what’s called a child theme. That means that changing the look of your site is a snap — and you don’t need a designer or developer to do it. You can radically change the look of your site every week if you want to.